Belinda Li


I am a second-year PhD student at MIT CSAIL, affiliated with the language & intelligence lab @ MIT. My advisor is Jacob Andreas. I am funded by an NDSEG Fellowship and Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship [Press].

Previously, I spent a year at Facebook AI Applied Research on the AI Integrity team. There I worked on applying state-of-the-art techniques from AI and NLP research to combat integrity problems (i.e. hate speech) on Facebook. Before that, I obtained my B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Washington, where I worked with Luke Zettlemoyer. You can view more in my CV here.

If you are an undergrad interested in NLP or machine learning research, please feel free to reach out to me! You can view my contact policy here.

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Program Committee (Reviewer): COLING 2020, EMNLP 2020.

Student Volunteer: ACL 2020.


Outside of work, I dance ballet and Chinese classical dance at Hengda Dance Academy and Harvard Ballet Company.

I also play the piano (though I've unfortunately been out of practice for a few years).

I was fortunate to be part of the organizing effort to form the MIT Graduate Student Union, which MIT graduate students recently voted in favor of by a 2-to-1 margin!

Noam Chomsky is my great(x3)-grand-advisor. (Belinda Li → Jacob Andreas → Dan Klein → Chris Manning → Joan Bresnan → Noam Chomsky)

Under very generous definitions, my Erdős–Bacon number is 7. (My Erdős number is 4 through several different paths. My Bacon number is 3 through appearing in a video with Bernie Sanders, who happens to have a Bacon number of 2. Though dogmatic Bacon number purist will insist only movie appearances count.) I eagerly welcome any collaborators – academic or entertainment – willing to lower that number.