Welcome to the timing experiments interface!

In the following experiment, you will be presented with a passage and asked a series of questions on the coreferences within that passage.

If you are just here to check out the demo, please feel free to disregard the below note and proceed at your own pace. (The experiments are over and we will not be collecting/using your timing information.)

Note: You will be timed on how long you take to answer each question, and this timing data will be essential in calibrating our results. Therefore, you should try to answer each question as fast as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. There is no pause button. Thus, please ensure you have a continuous 30 minute block of time without interruptions. Please do not close the window or pause the experiment at any time before your time is up. There is also no undo button. If you make a mistake, disregard it and proceed onto the next question as normal. The important part is not to let anything affect your pace: the timing data is crucial.

What is coreference?

Coreference refers to two or more sequences of words with a passage that refer to the same person, thing, event, etc. For example:

If this is your first time here, please proceed to the tutorial, which will give you more detailed instructions on what you will be asked to do.

Otherwise, feel free to start the experiments: